A little about me.
I created this account a long time ago, and really never had the time to see how things work here.  But more recently I've had some things change in my life where I can now make the time.

I'm a huge fan of Adam and Tommy and who else may be in their lives.  I'm on twitter as @WshUpnASta  and also on Adam Lambert Fan Club.  I also make twitter necklaces. (they're totally free)

I'd really like to make more friends here and learn how to make my way around this site. I may even try to write a fic on my own. But I'm gonna need some support.

Thanks for letting me be your friend.   I've probably got kids as old as some of you. But thank you either way.


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Good to see you posting.

Hey I know you, I love reading Adam fan fic, I know I must be crazy, but it better than a romance novel any day.

lol I'm a total fanfic addict and I completely agree.

i added you as a friend. best place to start is by joining

Hi there! Just wanted to confirm that we're already friends. You have access to my journal as I tweeted to you today. I'll keep you updated as to when my book will be released. Its out April 2nd as downloadable ebook. The name has been shortened from The High Road to Bellwood Castle to A Wicked Encounter. Only the character's names have been changed to make it original. But we know who it really is, lol...don't we??? ;D Hugs! ~ @AdamLuvr4Life on twitter.

Squeee! You found me!
You DO NOT have kids as old as me...
I don't really write here, but I sure love to read and comment. Mostly Adommy, but Kradam, too!
Nice to see you, GlamSister!

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